Harvesting Food and Getting Ready for Winter Cliff Hucking – Osprey Packs Experience
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Harvesting Food and Getting Ready for Winter Cliff Hucking

It’s that time of year to dream… snow is on the ground, yet only enough to possibly shatter a knee cap in between turns of glee. This year, I know I’m ready for ski season when our root cellar is full.

A year ago, we moved to Holy Terror Farm to try to grow and raise all our own food, with the important exceptions of coffee, chocolate and salt. Growing all that food for winter is quite a project!

I learn new things daily…

  • that you can pull up cabbage root and all, and it will keep on the shelf for months
  • that celery root doesn’t taste like celery and can keep all winter
  • that my beets like to sprout in the dark in storage
  • that making grape jam is easy after making grape juice
  • that my freshly rendered pig fat makes scrumptious pie crust and the best ever hand lotion
  • that our chickens can do an egg laying revolt, or can decide to run our rooster out of our place and into our neighbors’.
  • that our rome apples turn red when you cook and preserve them.

So, in short, when all of the food is preserved and ready to keep our bellies full all winter, I’m ready to SKI!

I look forward to seeing you all out there filming on some remote mountain or at one of my Rippin Chix camps with Osprey demos! Happy winter and skiing!