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Historic Ruins and Cow Patties: an Osprey Packs Day Trip

Group checking out ruins... no touching Youvonne!

I’ve lived in Southwest Colorado for four years now and it still amazes me all the places in my own backyard I still have not explored. Thankfully Osprey Packs gives its employees the opportunity to take a paid day off to explore the wilderness. This gives us here at Osprey extra time to play in the beautiful place we live in.

Last week some of the Osprey crew was fortunate enough to take a day trip to Hovenweep National Monument. Hovenweep National Monument protects six prehistoric, Puebloan-era villages spread over a 20-mile expanse of mesa tops and canyons along the Utah-Colorado border. I was astonished at how well these ruins are preserved. The crew and I took our Osprey packs and headed in 4 miles to what they call the Holly Unit. The hike started off down the canyon through slot canyons and washes.

The trip was pure solitude with no one on the trail, but we did have to watch out for the cow patties! The Holly Unit features multi-story towers that sit perched on the edge of cliffs showing views that would delight any kind of visitor. Some of the ruins are even balanced atop larger boulders and we marveled at the skill that these ancient builders had. For those of you planning a trip to the Four Corners area make sure Hovenweep National Monument is on your list of stops to make.

Find more information, visit the National Park’s website.

Courtney Hart is Osprey’s marketing coordinator.