Huber Brothers and Seigrist Go Big in Antarctica – Osprey Packs Experience
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Huber Brothers and Seigrist Go Big in Antarctica

holtanna-511-200According to’s Hotflashes, Bavarian hardmen Alex and Thomas Huber, with Swiss climber Stephan Siegrist, had a field day climbing remote 2,500-foot walls in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica this past November and December.Dougal McDonald compiled the report on Climbing Magazine’s online portal. The three did four new routes on their recent (11-12 / 08) expedition. Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker led an expedition in 1996, which first exposed us to the potential of Queen Maud Land. It’s literally littered with big walls, as evidenced by The Troll Castle:


The Hubers and Siegrist trio pushed it to a new level however on their recent foray into Queen Maud Land. These guys truly know how to suffer.. Dougald’s report goes on:

“The team had planned to attempt a big-wall free climb on the frozen continent, but deep cold and steady winds soon put an end to those thoughts. Pitches that would have gone at 5.11 in warmer temperatures were unthinkable in temperatures of 20°F below zero, they said.”

Apparently, it wasn’t cold enough to prevent them from displaying their torsos in a post-climb victory moment – can’t blame the lads for posing in front of this 2,500-foot monstrosity…176r66751