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HUGE Props to Interior Secretary Salazar!

225px-kensalazarOsprey Packs loves our hometown local Senator turned Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. Salazar put the rubber to the road since his appointment to the Obama Cabinet as Interior Secretary Dec. 16, 2008. A story on on Feb. 5, 2009,  reported that Salazar “canceled the leases for oil and gas drilling on dozens of parcels of land near Utah’s famed canyon country.”

The story goes on to report that “Salazar said the Bush administration rushed to sell oil and gas leases near Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Dinosaur National Monument and Nine Mile Canyon as President Bush prepared to leave office.” What a nice parting gift from W for us! We are relieved that Bush’s mad rush to drill will never see the light of day….

As residents of Southwest Colorado, Osprey’s team has noticed the influx of oil and gas drilling equipment, infrastructure and industry that’s blossomed (in a less than awesome way) during the Bush Administration era in our beautiful region. It’s so fantastic to hear that we now have support on the Washington level to take a more realistic approach to “Drill Baby Drill” and it is inspiring us to do even more to give our home more of a voice going forward!images-11

We are so thankful that Interior Secretary Salazar is paying attention, but we’re not surprised. Anyone from Southwest Colorado as tied to the land as the Salazar family knows the irreplacable beauty of the Southeastern Utah desert. images1