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If Mozambique Can Do It…

If you’ve ever perused the world of bike blogs, you’ll know that there are plenty out there. Popularized by the “izes” like Copenhagenize and Amsterdamize, many of these blogs try to capture the essence of a city’s bike culture.

But it’s not only the commonly known bike hubs – Copenhagen, Portland, New York, etc. – that are publicizing their two wheeled efforts. Bikes are popular all around the globe, which was highlighted this week when we discovered the Mozambique Bike Culture.

Not only are there some pretty great photos of biking in the streets of Mozambique, but they do a bit of advocacy, promoting Critical Mass in the country’s capital of Maputo. Hop on over and check it out, the more international support for cycling the better!

Any other cool bike blogs we should be checking out? Let us know in the comments below!