“If you can’t take a punch, you should play table tennis” – Osprey Packs Experience
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“If you can’t take a punch, you should play table tennis”

rugby_deals2If you think Outdoor Retailer (that’s @ORSM if you Tweet!) is all about fancy new product, schmoozing industry heads, and generally talking about a lot of sports but not actually doing them, you’ve got another thing coming this year. An assembled crew of roughian industry players will take to the pitch for a punishing game of…of all games!… RUGBY!

Two members of the team come from our fair company – Kerry McCarthy and Osprey pack designer (and all-around rugby hero) Stephen Barnes. Stephen, we have to mention, is a former U.S. National Team member so heads might roll if you get in the way of him and the goal.

The opponent? The Salt Lake City “Old Boys” who we have no info on at the moment, but we’re sure a full scale scouting report is brewing as we speak. The industry team roster is still being sorted out and from what I hear, there’re still openings.

Send an e-mail to ORRugby@snewsnet.com if you don’t care all that much for your teeth :).

The match details:

Wednesday, July 22, at 7 p.m.

Fort Douglas Field, SLC. Google for directions!

For the full industry participant list, check out this SNEWS article.

…by the way, this post’s title is a quote graciously taken from former French rugby coach Pierre Berbizier on how to survive the game.