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Indian Creek: Tales of Our Second Home

Indian Creek: Tales of Our Second Home

Indian Creek is as iconic as it is sacred for climbers around the globe. This special place has endless walls of distinct sandstone splitter cracks that beckon world-renowned and novice climbers from across the world. Indian Creek is located only a couple hours from Osprey’s headquarters in Cortez, Colorado, so naturally we frequent its valley during prime “creek seasons” of fall and spring. The Creek is a place of solitude and adventure, thanks to its off-the-grid location and the endless established routes that could take a lifetime to discover. Here are a few accounts of Osprey employees getting out to the creek, as well as what makes it so special to each of them:


“Every time I climb in Indian Creek, it kicks my ass – without exception. I will always owe a thousand thank yous to it for that. Turning onto HWY 211, I get giddy with excitement, knowing that just a few miles ahead is the most incredible sandstone crack climbing you can find on this planet. I’ve learned a lot about climbing at the Creek, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people at the Pasture or the Bridger Jacks, I’ve scared myself there, and when it comes time to drive back to Cortez I resist in anguish. The grandeur of the landscapes, that smell when a light rain passes and just barely soaks the red dirt, and watching the last rays of the sun bounce off the Six Shooters always remind me how lucky I am to live so close to the Creek. I often forget that the majority of climbers I see have traveled untold miles, just to get the chance (weather permitting) to jam their fingers, hands, and fists into those perfect desert splitters. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Indian Creek is my home crag…I mean, seriously!? It truly is a wild place with so much history both for the human race and for modern climbers, and I am grateful to have a near constant ability to find myself there.”

-Mychal McCormick – Osprey Packs International Sales Coordinator



“I love the Creek for many reasons, number one being the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deafening silence of the desert, for moments of reflection with nothing but wind and ravens. I feel an incredible sense of peace and calm when gazing across the never ending folds of sandstone escarpments stretching to the distant horizon and beyond. The Creek occupies an odd space between developed camping and the Wild West, depending on where you go of course and there is no place on earth that matches the consistency and nature of Indian Creek’s parallel cracks. The quiet, quality, and quantity are overwhelming. Before moving to SW Colorado I spent nearly all my vacation days flying to SLC, Denver, or Moab to climb for a week if I was lucky; now make 2 right turns and a left and can spend a day there if I wished.”

-Scott Robertson, Osprey Packs Key Accounts Coordinator


“It’s hard to come up with the words for what exactly makes Indian Creek so special for climbers. Sure, maybe it’s the 100+ foot splitter-cracks or the continuous undiscovered crags that allow for countless first ascents. It could the distinct stillness of the desert and the absence of modern-day distractions such as cell-phones and e-mails. For me, it’s definitely about being out there with good company. After a while, these friends become family and your reunions become almost every weekend at the creek as you wrap-up one weekend just to start discussing when the next “creekend” will be. All of your daily responsibilities dissipate as you learn to really enjoy the present of your surroundings, your climbing objectives and the presence of like-mind folk. It truly feels like the “Wild West” and nothing beats a couple of days of red-dirt, splitter-cracks, and the entire galaxy surrounding you at night while you enjoy a cold beer around the campfire.”

-Kelsy Woodson, Osprey Packs Social Media and Event Coordinator


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