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Investing in Bikes Does Save Money

Another reason why biking makes economic sense. A recent study found that for every $1 spent on cycling infrastructure in Portland, $5 is saved on healthcare and fuel costs. Because of this, by 2040, Portland’s bikeway investments could in fact save $800 million.

More from a great article by Elly Blue on Grist:

A recent analysis of the health savings resulting from the bicycle infrastructure in Portland, Ore, came up with stunning results. If the city builds out only the infrastructure it currently plans, the researcher found, it will break even by 2015. By 2030, Portland will have saved $800 million — partly in fuel costs but primarily in health care and the value of reduced mortality. For every $1 we spend, $5 is saved.

And that doesn’t take into account a multitude of other factors. It’s been shown again and again thatthe benefits of bicycling outweigh the risks, that not bicycling is more dangerous in the long run, and that being sedentary is worse for your health than nearly anything else. When kids, particularly, don’t get enough physical activity and good food, they are set up for a lifetime of ill health.

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