KEEN Rippin Chix Steeps Camp at Silverton with Osprey Ambassador Alison Gannett – Osprey Packs Experience
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KEEN Rippin Chix Steeps Camp at Silverton with Osprey Ambassador Alison Gannett

KEEN Rippin Chix Steeps Camp at Silverton with Osprey Packs

Silverton brings me back to what skiing was like as a kid — no frills, no heat, no fancy food, but great skiing with great friends. Again this year, we had several feet of powder… I’m knocking on wood as we speak.

This year, champion skier and Steeps instructor Karen Reader an myself had two groups — one for intro-level double black diamond skiers, and one upper level double black diamond skiers. We were accompanied by two of Silverton’s best guides, Kim Grant and Sheldon Kerr, two Rippin Chix that know their stuff regarding the terrain, avalanches, and most importantly, where to find the fresh powder on each run. We went over basic beacon use, how to assemble a probe quickly, and what to do in the unlikely event of an avalanche.

The first day, Sheldon and I took a group and started off on a hike to find some great more mellow powder to warm up. Many gals had eyes like saucers, as they had never hiked at 12,000+ feet in such spectacular and exposed terrain. The practice session on how to put skis on our Osprey Karve sidecountry packs that morning paid off, as gals slapped those skis in the vertical carry position like they had done it their whole life, and charged past the boys.

We worked on airplane air, flag air, high-speed sideslip, looking ahead, serving martinis (hands down the hill), using the mountain to our advantage, how to ski with less effort, tricks to keep our hands from dropping and what to do when you are scared or nervous.

Want to join us? My next camp at Red Mountain in British Columbia, Canada is sold out, but I’m teaching several camps in Whitewater, BC and in Kirkwood, California.

Camps for 2013 are starting to go online. Book now for KEEN Rippin Chix at Crystal Mountain, Washington Feb 9-10th at Other camps will include Alta, Red Mountain, Silverton and Whitewater. Book early as they sell out fast!

Thank you to Osprey, Patagonia and Elemental Herbs for hooking us up with tons of fun gear to demo!

Alison Gannett is a World Champion Extreme Freeskier, founder of The Save Our Snow Foundation and an award-winning global cooling consultant who has spent her life dedicated to solutions for climate change.