Kids dominate at USA Cycling National Championships – Osprey Packs Experience
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Kids dominate at USA Cycling National Championships

Osprey sponsored athletes Jake and Nye Yackle from Cortez, Colorado put on a clinic in tenacity and determination at the USA Cycling National Championships on Friday.  Jake was the first of the brothers to test his fitness against some of the best 11-12 year old racers in the country.  As the winner of last year’s 10 and under category, Jake got a call-up to the front row for the start but still got tangled up on the first corner and lost much of his advantage.  Slowly but surely, Jake picked off riders and really put the pressure on through the rock garden sections.  Late in the race, as most riders were fading and just looking to survive, Jake seemed comfortable and charged hard, sprinting for the finish.  When the dust settled, Jake was proudly standing on the podium with a 3rd place medal around his neck.

Jake Yackle making a move on the steep climb

Immediately following the 11-12 year olds was the 10 and under race where Nye Yackle was looking for his chance at some hardware.  Less than 30 seconds after the whistle, Nye was standing on the track trying to get his chain back on.  The rules do not allow riders to receive any outside assistance, so Nye was on his own to get things sorted out and rolling.  With the entire field well ahead of him, Nye finally got back on the bike and launched himself up the brutally steep climb, making up time like his life depended on it.  As he came around for lap two, Nye was back in the hunt but suffered some minor mechanicals, again losing valuable positions.  By the last lap, Nye decided it was all or nothing and launched an attack that would make any rider proud.  Moving from 11th to 2nd in less than 1 lap, Nye also ended up on the podium for the silver National Championship medal.

Nye Yackle fighting through mechanical issues but sticking with it

Racing continues through the weekend with Pro categories, short track XC racing and a Super D race that features a 4+ mile course.  Come check it out or stay tuned for a post event report with results for all the Osprey athletes.