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Lane Love: Don’t Lose Your Bike, Register It

If you’re like us, your bike is precious property. Naturally, you lock it up accordingly wherever you go, and always feel thankful when you and your ride make it home safely. But is there were one extra step you take in protecting your bike — to help make sure that even if it is stolen, you will be reunited with it once and for all?

There are several ways to safeguard your bike beyond solely locking it up (wheels and all). Anyone can register their ride with the National Bike Registry — and for $10 receive ten years worth of registration and “a tamper-resistant, serialized security label.”

Another (entirely free) option is BikeGuard, a program that offers stolen bikes a way to find their homes. Hosted by MyAssetTag, is a free online system that catalogs people and their bikes by a series of individual numbers inked onto tags that you slap right on your bike’s frame. Each bike gets three tags, to put on the “the body of the bike, near the handlebars and/or underneath the seat,” according to BikeGuard’s site. What’s more, if your bike ever is stolen and recovered by your local authorities, police can scan one of your tags and get all of your contact information. BikeGuard offers these tags for up to three bikes per person for anyone in the United Sates — at zero cost.

So why, you ask, does BikeGuard do this all at no charge? Via the BikeGuard site:

“… because the cyclists here at our Brooklyn office know what it’s like to lose a bike, when it’s most probably languishing in the storeroom of a police station because it lacks proper identification. As one police station puts it, “The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of bicycles stolen and assist the police in the recovery of stolen bicycles.”

We want to know how many of you register your bikes already and/or how many of you would register your bike to help it in the case of a kidnapping? Alternatively — if you don’t or wouldn’t register your bike — do you have an extra measure you take to keep your ride safe? Let us know!

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