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Leave No Trace designates Fourmile Area in Colorado first 2012 Hot Spot

For fifteen years we have been sewing labels listing the Principles of Leave No Trace into our larger packs. We look at it as a friendly reminder, from us to you, of your responsibility to the environment you enjoy with our packs on your back. Do your part by learning more about these principles and teaching them to others. Participate in the harmony of nature and leave no trace of your passage. We’re proud to support Leave No Trace and share news of the great work they are doing. The following is an update about 2012 Leave No Trace Hot Spots.

via Leave No Trace:

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has selected the Fourmile Area near Buena Vista, Colorado as a Leave No Trace Hot Spot. Near both Denver and Colorado Springs, Fourmile is one of the most heavily used areas in central Colorado and recreation-related impacts are significant and growing.

Impacts at campsites such as campfire scars, tree-cutting, and expansion of denuded sites as well as excessive trash and human waste have become major issues at Fourmile. Also, areas scarred and eroded by off-trail travel are still in the process of recovery. In response to the request of local land managers and volunteers, the Fourmile Area has been designated as a 2012 Leave No Trace Hot Spot.

Located in northern Chaffee County, the 100,000-acre Fourmile Area offers ample outdoor recreation such as camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, ATV and motorcycle trails, and wildlife viewing. In partnership with the local volunteer-based Friends of Fourmile, the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and several other key stakeholders, the Leave Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics will mitigate the growing impacts there by implementing an effective Leave No Trace program there…

Components of the Hot Spot include Leave No Trace training for key agency staff and volunteers, developing Fourmile-specific Leave No Trace information, hosting a Leave No Trace community-based event to raise awareness, a service/learning project to mitigate existing recreation-related damage, and providing consultation on best management practices for minimizing future impacts in the Fourmile Area.

For more information on the 2012 Hot Spots initiative, as well as ways to get involved, visit http://www.lnt.org/01_community/hotspots.php.

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