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Music on the Mountaintop – A Recap

Gotta say. It’s been awhile since I last saw home, but the opportunity to catch some music, support some friends, and weekend it in the Carolina hills couldn’t be passed up. Besides, Osprey was back on the sponsor role, so technically… This could be considered work. The plan was simple: load the truck with gear and give-aways, drive to Boone, set up the Osprey booth with our local dealer Footsloggers and spend the next two days talking shop and spreading the Osprey love.

Music on the Mountain bills itself as a “one of kind, eco-driven, music festival”, and they certainly don’t disappoint. The combination of environmental consciousness, musical talent, and geographical backdrop make this festival one of the best managed and spectator friendly events in the Southeast. Families out for a Saturday afternoon intermingled with college co-eds, hippy hula hoopers, groupies, dopers, travelers and locals.

Festival folk were treated to live music throughout the grounds. The crew at MOTM assembled three separate stages giving spectators a steady flow of music all day. Headlining acts such as Acoustic Syndicate, Sam Bush and Keller Williams gave commanding performances on the festivals main stage while smaller regional acts like The Movement showcased their talents on 100% wind/solar powered stages.  The combination of music and “green” was quite remarkable. Every area of the festival grounds was equipped with recycling containers that from all visual perspectives appeared to be working as contents from the days fun reach the brink of pouring over. The festival volunteers certainly maintained a “green” zone.  As we packed up to leave I was surprised at the lack of trash or debris anywhere.

Meeting the folks at Music on the Mountain was a great experience. My hat really goes off to all the volunteers and support crew that make this event so special. This festival is the result of an idea, a college project, and a whole lot of hard work. It was a great being part of it. A few questions remain unanswered. Still not sure when I decided to eat pretzels in my tent or why I woke up covered in glitter.  Probably best that it remains a mystery. Anyways, can’t wait till next year. Nothing beats southern hospitality, mountain music, and friends showing up for a good cause.

Everyone seemed to have their favorites as bands like Railroad Earth maintain strong followings but for me, Sam Bush was the highlight.

Please check out Music on the Mountaintop at for their recap and updates on the 2011 event.  If you’re in Boone NC stop by Footsloggers or visit their website at

Osprey Packs is partnered with BlueRidge Outdoors Magazine’s Roadshow, who was on hand for Music on the Mountaintop. Check out Captain Osprey spreading the Osprey magic to the happy crowd:


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