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My Favorite Accesory For Hand Warmth

In the world of Telemark Ski Racing, especially in Europe, the weather can be variable. It can be freezing (-30) in Norway, raining in Slovenia, then snowing in France. On race day, I undress to my lovely spandex at the start, dress back up at the bottom, and move my ski’s to and fro so they are out of the way of the other racers. All this sticking my hand in the snow, taking on and off my gloves and the weather leads to one thing: frozen hands.

There is nothing worse then pulling into the start house and realizing that my hands are beyond sensation. That is why I always keep a pair of over gloves in my bag. Hot hands are great, but with the tight fit of race gloves, they can be more of a nuisance than help. Also, when it starts pouring, I’d rather have dry, warm hands rather than wet, warm hands.

For little cost, a pair of over gloves in your pack can make a huge difference in comfort whether your at it ski resort or on a hut trip. Slipping them over your gloves during skinning snack breaks can keep snow from melting into your gloves and giving you that great damp feeling.

Lorin Paley is an Osprey athlete and a National Telemark A team member. She won 2 silvers and 2 bronzes on the World Cup in 2010 and won two gold medals at the Junior World Championships in 2009. To check in on how this season is going, go to