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Didn’t Know Where We Were Going, Knew We Wouldn’t Be Back Anytime Soon

Didn’t Know Where We Were Going, Knew We Wouldn’t Be Back Anytime Soon

Osprey Packs Ambassador and guest blogger Cari Ann Siemens is an architect by trade, currently working outside of the box. Although she still does freelance design work, the majority of her time is spent as a Producer/Editor for Jordan Siemens Photography. She and her husband are currently traveling the western US in their Cricket Trailer. They hike, bike, backpack, climb, surf, ski our way from one destination to the next. As Cari puts it, “At this point in our lives, our main objective is exploration.”



After leaving the comfort of our home and steady jobs in Portland, Oregon, we hit the road, seeking new adventures that didn’t require raincoats and waterproof everything. We didn’t know exactly where we were going. We just knew that we wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

We packed up our Cricket trailer with bikes, backpacks, camping essentials, climbing gear, even surfboards, and headed out to simply explore the world we live in. We had a strong desire to turn our “weekend warrior” routine into our daily life routine.

We’d been on the road for well over three months when we discovered our newfound love for the desert. What a drastic change from the moss-covered Pacific Northwest we were accustomed to. The red rocks, beautiful arches, vast canyons, not to mention incredible mountain biking, had left permanent smiles on our faces. After a week of fun in Moab, we decided to take a scenic drive along the Colorado River over to Fruita. Everyone kept telling us about the great riding there so we decided to go check it out.

Less than 20 minutes into our first ride along the Kokopelli area trails, we realized that Fruita definitely lived up to its hype. The riding was exquisite! We spent our afternoon twisting, turning, pumping our way along a series of different trails, all with breath-taking views. The only thing that stopped us from riding longer was the sun setting across the river. We turned on our headlamps and cruised back to our car.


The next morning, we headed to the 18 Road Trails recommended to us by the kind folks at the local bike shop. This area had a great variety of trails for everyone. Our first ride was spent swooping and flowing down Joe’s Ridge. We were more than halfway down the trail as the sun began to rise in the distance, creating a beautiful glow across the fields around us. We stopped where we were to take it all in. Fruita…what a hidden little gem.