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Osprey Ambassador to walk 200 miles to Copehagen

alison gannett by www.jcleacock.comOsprey Ambassador Alison Gannett to walk London to Brussels with skis on her Osprey pack to raise awareness and support to SAVE OUR SNOW at the COP-15 talks in Denmark. In Copenhagen, she will be working with the United Nations and their Climate Heroes programs, working together to help ensure that almost 200 nations, including Obama and the US, can work together to create the next Kyoto treaty.

Alison Gannett is a World Champion Extreme Skier, Founder of The Save Our Snow Foundation, an award-winning global cooling consultant, and long time Osprey Fan and Ambassador. She was named “Ski Hero of the Year” by Ski Magazine in 2009, and Outside magazine named her “A Green All-Star”, next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She travels the world documenting glacial recession on her crazy ski mountaineering expeditions. She also trains individuals, businesses and governments on her four-step, cost-saving, climate change solutions framework, including working to train Al Gore’s Climate Project team and Congressman Markey’s Energy Congressional Independence and Global Warming Committee in Washington, DC.

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