Osprey Athlete Alison Gannett Lobbies in Washington DC to Save Our Snow – Osprey Packs Experience
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Osprey Athlete Alison Gannett Lobbies in Washington DC to Save Our Snow


Lobbying in DC is exhilarating, but feels a bit like banging my head with a hammer. Saving our snow is a worth while cause, especially since almost all of our sports depend on it, not to mention our drinking water! In celebration of National Oceans Day yesterday, I wanted to reflect on water. Almost 50% of our world’s drinking water is tied up in snow and glaciers. As our world’s glaciers melt away, our ocean levels are rising, threatening our beaches and our cities.

But back to Washington, I met with President Obama’s staff — and am trying to work my way up to meeting with the man himself. I worked with KEEN Footwear on this project, as we rode from one of their events in Pittsburgh, Penn. to DC on the 330-mile Allegheny and C&O bike trails. All along the way we met with locals, especially kayakers on the “Yak” River, who expressed their concerns with climate change affecting their water.

We were able to meet with many senators, but this was not without pulling strings on so many levels. What has happened to our democracy? Our leaders are so unavailable to their constituents. If you are not a connected to a big coal lobbyist or someone who is funding their campaign in some way, or have something they need they you seem to be nobody? For the people by the people – NOT.

Anyway, all action is positive. We’ve got to try to do something, and I certainly made some headway with some senators, and learned a ton regarding the “system” and how everyone is patting each others backs.

While there, I was able to speak to 100,000 folks on the National Mall with the likes of James Cameron, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Weir regarding climate change. The rush was like jumping off a 100 foot cliff!

Thanks Osprey, for helping support my efforts to save our snow, our water, and our planet! Don’t forget to take the most important step and calculate your carbon footprint today – try it at http://www.carbonfootprint.com!

And take action to save our snow here!

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