Osprey Bike Tour Rolls On – Osprey Packs Experience
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Osprey Bike Tour Rolls On

The Yackle brothers sporting their hard earned National Championship medals

After 15 straight days and almost 4000 miles of  road tripping, the Osprey bike crew has circled back to base to replenish the giveaway supplies, service the van and unclog the overfull inboxes before departing to Deer Valley for DealerCamp.   Even with the 14 hour days of driving, greasy road food, and missed family commitments, it was hard to bring this road trip to an end.  The Downieville Classic was a top notch event that brought in some of the best riding talent in the country, yet retained a grass roots feeling.  The entire town seemed to embrace the event as it took over their narrow streets.  It was awesome rubbing elbows in Sun Valley with so many world class athletes and upcoming superstars.  Both events left us just enough time to get out and explore the local riding scene for ourselves.  As a matter of fact, I had to take a couple of days off  the bike because my legs could take no more by the end of the trip.  The riding was so spectacular in both Downieville and Sun Valley that I will be heading back on my own time to explore further for sure.

A bird's eye view of the National Championship race venue.

As promised, here is a list of Osprey sponsored athletes that made it on to the podium at the National Championships:

Nye Yackle – 2nd place, 10 & under boys Cross Country

Jake Yackle – 3rd place, 11 & 12 boys Cross Country

Stephen Ettinger – 1st place, Under 23 men Cross Country

Jack Hinkens – 2nd place, Under 23 men Cross Country

Kerry Werner – 5th place, Under 23 men Cross Country

Erica Zaveta – 5th place, Under 23 women Cross Country

Krista Park – 5th place, Pro Women Super D

The journey will continue with DealerCamp in Deer Valley, UT 7/26 – 7/28.  DealerCamp is an industry event where bike and accessory companies show off and demo their current and upcoming products to top bike retailers.  Osprey will have a full demo fleet available at DealerCamp as well as daily giveaways including the biggest raffle prize Osprey bike has ever given out (valued at approximately $2500)!  Let the road trip and mountain biking continue!!