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Osprey Celebrates Colorado Bike to Work Day in a Big Way!

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For Osprey Packs Inc. using non-motorized transportation to commute is a given-our Sustainable Transportation Initiative already pays incentives to Osprey Team Members to do so. But on Wednesday, June 24th, Osprey celebrated Colorado Bike to Work Day in an even bigger way with 25 of 28 people in the building choosing to commute by bicycle on this special day. We logged 195 non-motorized miles on the way to work alone and prevented 210 pounds of CO2 from inhabiting the earth’s atmosphere. And that is only half of the story! Of the 25 Osprey Team Members who chose to ride to work, 23 also chose to ride home, logging another 156 non motorized miles on the way home. When all was said and done for the day’s efforts, Osprey Team members travelled 351 non-motorized miles preventing 379 lbs. of CO2 from being spewed into the earth’s atmosphere. Not bad for a day’s work!

We also had big fun riding to work with a delectable array of tasty treats awaiting all riders upon their morning arrival at Osprey and a huge prize drawing in the afternoon courtesy of a wide array of Outdoor and Bicycle Industry partners and supporters too numerous to mention here. (You know who you are and we could not do it without you!)The parking lot was nearly devoid of cars, the bike rack was full and smiles travelled around the building throughout the day.

Osprey would like to encourage all companies and individuals out there to utilize non-motorized transportation as a means to cut carbon output whenever possible for the daily commute. The benefits to the individual and society as a whole are myriad and the effort pays off on many levels. Just make sure you wear a helmet for safety’s sake and an Osprey pack for comfort’s sake!

Keep the rubber side down and make EVERYDAY bike to work day!