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Osprey Hydraulics Team Member Guillaume Lazure Gets Some Fall Mileage

They say that a fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer wave goodbye.

The colors set in and the trails disappear under a thick bed of red, green and yellow leaves. The trails that have been nice and dry for most of the summer turn into sticky, muddy terrain and the shinny roots stare at you, trying to make you slip on every turn. The hot summer days make way to chilling, dark and rainy days. When all these elements come together, it only means one thing — it’s time for epic rides!

After a summer of riding around Quebec ,Vermont and the North East of the USA, there is still time to make some miles and enjoy the crisp weather of the morning, the lack of mosquitoes and the pure joy of riding in the leaves. That is what I’ve been doing with a couple of friends since the weather turned, making way for the winter season.

In these times, weather is usually uncertain and that is why I’ve been enjoying my Osprey Raptor 14 pack! It lets me stash all the gear I need for a long day on the bike. So far, whether it was hot, cold, dry, rainy, foggy or snowing, I’ve never needed more space to carry my gear. With all the different adjustments, it always fits snug on my shoulder; letting me concentrate on what’s in front of me.

As I’ve unfortunately got sidetracked with some injuries in the last couple of years, I decided that this summer would be focused on having fun rather than perform. Being able to test the Osprey pack was just the motivation I needed to get out there on long rides! Every weekend was spent on the bike with friends and I could’ve chosen any ride or any race I did this summer to say how much I enjoyed riding this year, but it’s this time of year that actually make it all come together; reminiscing the good times and pure joy that mountain biking can bring. Being in nature, enjoying the sounds, smell and visual beauty of the leaves is an experience in itself. Riding on them is another one; totally changing the way your favorite trails looks and feels. It is like discovering a new environment every time you jump on the saddle!

Although I’ve ridden many places this year, I must say that I love the trails in East Hereford during the fall. This trail system has seen the planning and design from ADSVMQ (Association pour le développement des sentiers de vélo de montagne au Québec) and offers some wicked riding and beautiful scenery! The Town of East Hereford and Circuits Frontières are truly making it “our” kingdom!

All this to say that until the snow settles, bringing more great times and memories with the skiing season just around the corner, Quebec and the Northeast still have great riding to be done! Get on your bike and enjoy the fresh…FRESH… air!

Cheers and good riding!

Guillaume Lazure