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Osprey Joins the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival

This weekend finds us in Nevada City, CA, site of the 8th Annual Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival.  Inspired by the successes of the South Yuba River Citizen’s League (SYCRL), this event is grassroots at its best featuring over 100 inspiring, engaging and life changing films about the environment.  Kerry and I arrived at the festival via Sacramento in our rented Toyota Prius, appropriate for such an event but not without controversy!!

The other national sponsors are a set of fantastic companies, Clif Bar, Patagonia, Sierra Nevada Brewing and Tom’s of Maine.  The latter two are especially great new friends to make and we’re doing our best to build a lasting relationship!!  Beer, deodarant, toothpaste or deodarant, beer, toothpaste:  how do you order that sequence?

There are some great Osprey takeaways at the festival headquarters and in the main venue you’ll find a display table with some great information on and examples of our product.  If you’re in town, feel free to catch Kerry and I if you have questions on anything and everything related to Osprey!

Last night we watched a great short made for the Conservation Alliance and featuring Osprey Athlete, Timmy O’Neill in our own beautiful San Juan Mountains.  That was followed by the premiere of Osprey athtlete, Majka Burhardt’s film, Waypoint Namibia. Superbly done and chock full of Osprey’s too.  We also had the pleasure of meeting  Colin Beavan, the No Impact Man. His film by the same title was amazing and I am brimming with ideas, both for my personal life / homefront and for our company.  We’re heading into the countryside today to see the river that inspired this all, so look for more tomorrow.  If you are in the area,  stop in and see some films or look for a Wild and Scenic tour stop near you.

Gareth Martins, Osprey Packs