Osprey Packs Adventure Racing Team Prepares for National Championship with 24 Hours of Moab Bike Race – Osprey Packs Experience
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Osprey Packs Adventure Racing Team Prepares for National Championship with 24 Hours of Moab Bike Race

Epic glory on a world-renoun course. A chance to test season-finale fitness against strong competitors. Enticing prize money in an often-ignored sport.   And, most importantly, a chance for teammate Jon Brown of the Osprey Packs Adventure Racing Team and I (Travis Macy) to check out the Moab terrain in preparation for the Check Point Tracker Adventure Racing National Championship to be held there October 30th…

The 2010 edition of 24 Hours of Moab Mountain Bike Race sounded attractive to me for a number of reasons. Shortly after the gun went off, I discovered that a number of very talented and fit competitors had been thinking along the same lines.

I felt confident going into the race. My brand-new, super-light, supremely-responsive Chiru Sonic mountain bike was accompanied by a bullet-proof support crew consisting of my dad, my sister, and my uncle–all seasoned veterans who helped me to victory at the 24 Hours of Leadville last month. I felt fit, and was ready to race some of the best competition around, namely Josh Tostado and Kelly Megelky, with whom I had done some training over the summer.

After a screaming-fast 400 meter run at the le mans start, I grabbed my Chiru in good position (right behind Kelly), sprinted with the bike in hand, and executed a perfect flying mount…that ended with my left foot jamming directly between the spokes and the inside of the frame! After realizing just how I had managed to grind to a halt before taking a single pedal stroke, I extracted my foot and rode away with the leaders, rear wheel whobbling from side to side. Five minutes later, on first section of singletrack, the spoke I had so brutally assulted finally snapped, forcing me to stop and wrap it around its neighbor.

The fact that I was able to complete a halway-decent first lap minus one spoke is a true credit to the quality of the Chiru Sonic, which was later repaired and performed extremely well throughout more than 24 hours of very technical riding.

My lap times remained consistent until 2:00 a.m., and I battled for a podium position. Between 2:00 and 7:00, however, I managed to complete only two laps. Most of my laps of the 15-mile course throughout the race were completed between 1:30 and 1:40, and the two killers in the middle of night set me far back in the standings. This lag in the wee hours was particularly disappointig in light of my significant experience in adventure races.

As the sun rose, I became revitalized and ticked off three fairly strong laps. I was happy to finish strong. In completing 15 laps, I finished 8th in the USAC National Championship, set a personal record for the event, and bested the winner’s count from 2007, when I finished second. Tostado, Magelky, and many of the other competitors were extremely impressive!

Jon’s four-person team faired well, and completed more laps than the winning team did last year, which was good enough for fifth place this year.  Jon and I came off the race enthusiastic about another competition in Moab: the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing National Championship.

The race, which features nearly 30 hours of nonstop mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, fixed ropes, and orienteering, begins in two weeks.  Team Osprey Packs consists of Scott Swaney, Gretchen Reeves, Jon Brown, and Travis Macy, and we look forward to a good race.  Osprey Packs will be integral to our success in every discipline!  More information is at www.checkpointtracker.com.