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Osprey Posts 2008 CSR Report

ospreyOsprey Packs posted its 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report today. The report reflects Osprey’s 35-year commitment to sustainable business practices and gives a glimpse at  what we’ve got on tap for 2009 CSR initiatives. The commitment to create a long-lasting, durable product has been at the company’s core since the start, defining its mission for quality design with less impact. For Osprey, sustainability is built into its packs, which are built to last a lifetime and backed by a brand new, all inclusive All Mighty Guarantee.

I personally have a lot of respect for Osprey’s sustainable business initiatives for many reasons.

  • It’s a fact that the company builds the highest quality product that stands the test of time. I am present at company meetings and consistently, the customer service team happily reports low incidences of returns or defects.
  • Osprey strongly integrates its employees to spearhead its CSR efforts through a proactive Osprey Green Team, headed by Osprey’s Sam Mix.
  • Just as important, Osprey founders Mike and Diane Pfotenhauer, and the Osprey management team, support Osprey’s sustainability efforts 110-percent.
  • Osprey integrates its local Southwest Colorado community right along with the communities related to the industries and factories it does business with, into its sustainable business commitment.

Of course, the local and industry communities are strongly tied to environmental initiatives due to the rural location of Southwest Colorado and the nature-based outdoor industry, so environmental initiatives end up being prime beneficiaries through community support. It’s truly about the environment at Osprey – so much so that it was initially tough to develop a CSR program because so many of the business decisions of the company inherently take the environment into consideration.

Osprey’s marketing director Gareth Martins sits on the board of the Conservation Alliance, which engages the team at Osprey in the work of these two important organizations as well. CSR is real at Osprey; the company experiences highs and lows associated with doing the right thing but the entire team is commited to finding solutions step-by-step while still remaining a successful and healthy company. Incremental change is key to a successful CSR commitment.

Osprey’s CSR reports are posted quarterly. We’ll be posting them right here on this blog and very much look forward to hearing from you about our efforts!