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Osprey Profile: An Interview With Bike Marketing Manager Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox - Bike Marketing Manager

So you may have noticed that Osprey has ventured into the wonderful world of bicycling. Who is behind the scene, working so hard to have Osprey as well known in the cycling world as it is in the outdoor industry?

Meet Jeff Fox, Bike Marketing Manager. What does he do? In a nutshell, he manages and coordinates the marketing efforts for the cycling related product at Osprey packs. This includes consumer events, trade shows, printed materials, website, print and online advertising, etc.. The marketing department at Osprey is pretty tight, so he also helps out with the outdoor and travel marketing when needed and receives a lot of help from the rest of the marketing department.

I asked him some questions, so we could all get to know him better:

Do you have a Nickname:
Most people call me Fox since everywhere I have worked there has been more than one Jeff.

What was your Former Job:
I was the Sales and Marketing Manager at Tuffy Security Products for 15 years. Tuffy Security Products manufactures lockable storage boxes for automobiles.

Favorite Ride?
Every time that I ride a new trail it seems like it is my favorite ride. I don’t know that I can pick a definitive favorite. Top 5 probably includes:
· Phil’s World in Cortez
· The Colorado Trail between Molas Pass and Durango,
· 1st Divide-2nd Divide-3rd Divide in Downieville, CA
· Mid-Mountain Trail in Park City
· Deer Creek Trail in Crested Butte

What Do You Ride?
Trek Superfly Singlespeed. I have broken 6 frames in the last 10 years. 4 aluminum, 1 titanium, and 1 carbon. Hopefully, the Superfly will last a little longer.

Tell me more about your Vail Pass Motorcycle story:
Funny that you would remember that story. Basically, I went to classes the first day of my senior year at Colorado State University and decided that I needed a break. The next day I dropped all of my classes, packed up my few belongings for shipment via UPS, loaded clothes into a backpack and hopped on my motorcycle heading for Las Vegas. A freak early snowstorm rolled through and I hit a blizzard on Vail Pass. It was so cold and icy that I had to stop and stuff my light jacket full of newspaper. Somehow I made it over the pass alive and called my parents from Grand Junction. They were less than enthusiastic to learn of my plan (or lack of one). The headlight on my motorcycle then went out and I had to follow other traffic so that I could see. At one point the truck I was passing hit a deer which flipped out right in front of me. I rode through a mess of blood and guts but didn’t hit anything solid enough to stop me. After riding through the night, I was pushing it hard once the sun came up and got pulled over for going 100+ mph. Luckily the officer wrote the ticket for 85 in a 65 which probably saved me some jail time. All in all it was a pretty epic trip.

Favorite Osprey Pack?:
Biking: Viper 10
Outdoor: Kestral 58
Travel: Sojourn 28

Favorite Osprey bag?:
Transporter 46

Favorite Osprey bike event?:
Outerbike in Moab. This event is a blast! Tons of cool people come to Moab to demo bikes, packs and accessories. The event is run really well and it is laid back so that we can really enjoy it.

Favorite food?:
Burritos. Kind of weird but I love burritos and try to get one in every city that I travel to.

Biggest epic on a bicycle?:
There have been quite a few. The guys that I ride with seem to have a knack for turning any ride into an unforgettable epic. One that comes to the forefront has to be an exploratory ride on the Chicken Creek trail near Mancos, CO. We got really lost and ended up riding way past our turn off. It was so dark we couldn’t find the singletrack so we were crawling on the ground using the lights on our watches to locate the tracks we had just made. After backtracking for hours we finally made it back to our car around 2:00 a.m.. I try to be more prepared now with maps and a headlamp.

So there you have it, an interview with Jeff Fox, by Osprey Ambassador AlisonGannett. Don’t forget to save the world today, and vote with your dollars! Learn more at http://www.alisongannett.com