#Osprey1974: 40 bags in 40 days to celebrate 40 years – Osprey Packs Experience
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#Osprey1974: 40 bags in 40 days to celebrate 40 years

#Osprey1974: 40 bags in 40 days to celebrate 40 years

#Osprey1974 | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

Osprey is 40 years young!  I fondly recall the moment I selected “Osprey” for the new company, way back in 1974.  At that time this beautiful bird was an endangered species and I thought, if that bird can survive the next few tough years, so can this new company! Like the bird, Osprey Packs has flourished since then, and continues to grow and multiply.  Over all these years, we at Osprey have had the pleasure to meet and work with some of the finest, warmest people involved in this wonderful, friendly industry.  We are indebted to all of you out there who have supported Osprey along the way, through thick and thin, and have made the last 40 years so fun and rewarding!

-Mike Pfotenhauer, Osprey Packs founder and Head Designer


Since 1974, when Osprey Packs was founded by Mike Pfotenhauer in the front of his rented house in Santa Cruz, California, our mission has been to create innovative high performance gear that reflects our love of adventure and our devotion to the outdoors. We’re so honored to be commemorating the 40th anniversary of Osprey Packs — thank you for 40 incredible years!

To celebrate, we’re giving away 40 Limited Edition bags over 40 days in celebration of our past, our present & our future. Enter to win #Osprey1974 by submitting a photo showing us where you’ve gone with Osprey: your favorite day hike, a long summer weekend backpacking, or satisfying your wanderlust abroad. One Grand Prize winner will win the Osprey pack of their choice!

Below are the winning photos from of Round 1 of the #Osprey1974 photo contest! Each winner will receive a 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Transporter 40 bag.

Have you entered #Osprey1974 yet? Join us in celebrating 40 years of Osprey Packs by sharing a photo of your adventures with Osprey! We’re thrilled to celebrate 4 decades of adventures with you and to give away 40 bags over 40 days.

Enter to win: tinyurl.com/osprey1974

Complete rules: tinyurl.com/osprey1974rules

#Osprey1974 winner Jared Lawler | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Grand Canyon 2013.” -#Osprey1974 winner Jared L., Little Rock, AR, USA

#Osprey1974 winner Shannon Bennett | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“A lovely afternoon at the Happys with my little apprentice.” -#Osprey1974 winner Shannon B., Eastern Sierra, CA, USA

#Osprey1974 winner Spencer Speed | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Winter Summit attempt in Grand Teton National Park in NW Wyoming, apx 12,000ft!” -#Osprey1974 winner Spencer S., Mesquite, Texas, USA

#Osprey1974 winner Marianne | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“My husband and I finally reaching Santiago de Compostela.” -#Osprey1974 winner Marianne, Texas, USA

#Osprey1974 winner Guy Longtin | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Achieving New Heights” -#Osprey1974 winner Guy L., Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

#Osprey1974 winner Steve Shannon | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Exploring a new area near Mica Creek in the heart of the Columbia Mountains. The hike-a-bike up was worth the beautiful descent!” -#Osprey1974 winner Stephen S., Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

#Osprey1974 winner Melissa These | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Rock climbing in the Bugaboos with my Kestrel 48.” -#Osprey1974 winner Melissa T., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

#Osprey1974 winner Anton P., Ukraine | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“On amazing hike around the Mont-Blanc with my favourite Osprey.” -#Osprey1974 winner Anton P., Ukraine

#Osprey1974 winner Mathias Leth, Denmark | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“My Talon has been with me everywhere…Today the same pack is still around for everyday use. No trip without my Osprey.” -#Osprey1974 winner Mathias L., Denmark

#Osprey1974 winner Tatiana Ryshchenko, Ukraine | Osprey Packs 40th Anniversary

“Fort Kochi, Kerala, India. February 2013” -#Osprey1974 winner Tatiana R., Ukraine