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Outdoor Experiences in an Unlikely Place

Outdoor Experiences in an Unlikely Place

Last weekend I, along with 50 other young leaders gathered to create programs that will reconnect youth with the outdoors. The event itself was a great success, but the best part was that we were in a setting where we camped, bouldered, and saw millions upon millions of fireflies. Did I mention that we were in New York City?

I never expected to camp within a football field of the ocean, but just a 30 minute subway ride from the skyscrapers of Times Square is a national park.  Certainly, I never expected to find some really good crack climbs in Central Park, but indeed, the northernmost side of the park has tons of them.

Having my eyes opened to such ‘outdoorsy’ experiences in such an urban setting makes me determined to spread the word. Outdoor experience can be found everywhere along with outdoor lifestyle. If you are outdoorsy in an area that usually isn’t, don’t hesitate to show a buddy your favorite spot. You might just help topple the ‘outdoors is inaccessible’ stigma.