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OutdoorsMagic.com Reviews Osprey Pack’s Talon 11

97_374_lgUK-based journalism is just about as non-biased as it gets. We find that refreshing, and terrifying! Osprey Packs seems to be in the good graces of leading review entity Outdoorsmagic.com, judging by the recent review of the Osprey Talon 11 pack. The review states that the Talon 11 is an “excellent small capacity pack … that carries brilliantly walking, running or biking and has enough stowage to work as an ultra-lightweight summer hiker’s pack.” We really love how they used the term “Brilliantly!”

They go on to write: Attention to detail and build quality are second to none, though bikers used to more compartmentalised packs may yearn for a few extra internal dividers.”

We’re glad Outdoorsmagic.com brought that up, because we have something to fit that bill in the design que as we speak!