Outerbike 2011 Unphased By Rain – Osprey Packs Experience
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Outerbike 2011 Unphased By Rain

Getting a quick ride in pre-OuterBike

High winds, rain and cold weather greeted us as we journeyed across the state line to Moab, Utah for the 2nd annual OuterBike event put on by the crew at Western Spirit Adventures. As we stood in the expo area, wrapped in down jackets, waiting for the winds to die down so the main tent could be erected, it was hard to believe that we roasted under sunny skies and 100 degree temperatures this same weekend the prior year. The heat in 2010 seemed to do very little in the way of discouraging participants, who came from all over North America, from getting out and having an absolutely fantastic experience.

There were smiling faces and excited chatter everywhere we turned in the event venue during last year’s event and the same was true even with the polar opposite in weather conditions for 2011. Rain jackets were donned and warm drinks were served up by the Western Spirit staff so the event could go on. And go on it did, with approximately 800 participants getting to test ride all types of road and mountain bikes from huge multi-national bike companies as well as smaller “mom and pop” bike builders. It was so exciting to see people excitedly lining up an hour before the gates opened to make sure they were the first in line to get the size and style of bike they most desired. Osprey served up more than 100 demo packs to riders that wanted to see for themselves if the buzz surrounding Osprey’s new hydration pack line is “all that”.

Packs were outfitted with a spare tube and tire levers provided by Maxxis, multi-tool and pump provided by Blackburn, and energy food supplied by Honey Stinger to ensure riders were prepared for the tough Moab trails. An impressive percentage of participants returned from their adventure expressing their intention to immediately purchase an Osprey pack, so I think we are on the right track.

Mark your calendars now for the October 2012 Outerbike event. It is one of the best out there and now that we have gotten the extreme heat and cold, rainy weather out of the way, year three is virtually guaranteed to be absolutely perfect conditions. Even if not, the first two years have proven that a fantastically fun event can thrive even if mother nature doesn’t totally cooperate.