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Photo Gallery: Painting Patagonia Red With Photos

Joshua Johnson aka “Joshywashington” traveled through Argentina earlier this year. Joshua is a Seattle-based travel blogger always on the lookout for the next journey. He also heads up MatadorTV. Read more from Joshua on his blog

Photos have a way of bringing you back to a place… to an experience. When looking at my photos from a recent trip to Patagonia, these five bright, red images brought me right back to my journey. To me they tell a compelling story of my two weeks in Patagonia, one of earth’s most desolate, colorful and coveted travel destinations.

In El Bolson, a small town huddled in a verdant Patagonian valley of fruit and pine trees, I visited an organic farm to drift about snapping some photos. I liked the beat up old American pick-up against the backdrop of the sharply rising Andes and took several pictures of the aging hulk. Two days later I would be hiking in the mountains behind the Ford…

This photos was taken moments after we set foot on the surface of the glacier. The landscape surrounding us was immensely threatening and incredibly austere, I felt like I was standing at the gates of some deity-dwelt castle, that Mother Earth herself presides from the peaks of nearby Cerro Torre and Fitzroy.

Some of the best damn pizza I have ever had was in the lake district of Patagonia, likely owing to the profusion of fresh cheese and veggies. And this seems to be the standard formula everywhere in Argentina; mozzarella, ham, red peppers and a green olive perched on each slice.

On mountain side trails that wend through beech forests and river valleys hand painted signs point to way to refugios that offer lodging and food deep in the wilderness.

Back in El Bolson the wildflowers enjoy a late summer afternoon of gentle breezes and warm sunshine.

Seemingly random photos, but somehow they help paint a picture that feels more real, more trustworthy because of its spontaneity. Look for the commonalities in the disparate and new ways of looking at the world begin to emerge. Or as my wife is fond of saying

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”