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Power in the Pristine: A Victory for Rios Libres!

Baker-5-475x315Osprey has been a proud sponsor of the Rios Libres Project since its inception 4 years ago. Rios Libres has worked tirelessly to protect Patagonia, Chile, from the HidroAysén consortium and their plan to overrun the region with five gratuitous and unsustainable hydroelectric dams. This past month marks a milestone victory in the movement for sustainable energy and environmental protection in Chile’s pristine Patagonia wild lands.

After 6 years of intense local protesting by the Chilean people, joined by tens of thousands of international supporters, we all now have reason to celebrate. Newly elected Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet ran on a platform that she would not support the HidroAysén project, while the newly appointed Minister of Environment announced on June 10th that the Chilean government has rejected HidroAysén.

This announcement reflects the potential shift for Chile to become a world energy leader via numerous pending renewable energy projects. If properly utilized, these alternative resources could produce up to 6 times as much electricity as the HidroAysén project and help shift the paradigm to a more sustainable future.

This victory commemorates these successes and moves us one step closer towards the permanent protection of one of the world’s last pristine ecosystems. We are proud to celebrate the powerful voice of the people from Chile and around the world.

The fight for sustainable energy and the defense of the Patagonia is not over – but today we celebrate the landmark victory and a significant turning of the tide to KEEP PATAGONIA WILD!!!

Power in the Pristine from Rios Libres on Vimeo.

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