Primal Quest 2009 – Day 2, AM Update (Team Cordura/Osprey now in 3rd place) – Osprey Packs Experience
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Primal Quest 2009 – Day 2, AM Update (Team Cordura/Osprey now in 3rd place)

Hello again from Primal Quest.  Racing continued through the first night.  Team Cordura/Osprey arrived at the cave a little before 7pm (35 miles into the long bike leg) in 5th place, having made up three spots already on this first bike section.  During the team orientation presentation on Thursday afternoon, when the disciplines and distances were revealed, we were stoked to see that 355 of the total 606 miles were to be on bikes, as we feel like we have a pretty strong biking team.  And to see a few pure orientation sections is great too, as Tom is a very strong navigator, and we felt this could be a strength especially with Kiviok on board as our back-up navigator!!  Our speculations are coming to fruition, as we have risen up the leader board during these biking and orientation sections.  Team Cordura / Osprey arrived at the first transition from the long opening leg run in 8th place and through the first orientation section and onto the bike we have moved up to 5th.  Now, it is Saturday morning, the caving section is complete and the team has rocked through the next bike leg.  52 miles from the cave exit to the transition to a bike orienteering section in just under 12 hours, so they must have taken a nap for a while.  And Tom’s navigational skills obviously came into play as they found a sweet shortcut to avoid the town of Deadwood and moved up in the overall standings.   Coming out of the bike nav section, Team Cordura/Osprey has moved up to 3rd place, only 4.5 hours behind the leaders.  Back onto a long biking leg, which will take them to a trekking leg that includes the much anticipated climbing section, with some supposedly spectacular climbs and traverses across the towers of the Needles area, all in the shadow of Mount Rushmore.

More later!!!!  Rock on!