Primal Quest 2009 – Day 2, PM Update (Team Cordura/Osprey up to 2nd place) – Osprey Packs Experience
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Primal Quest 2009 – Day 2, PM Update (Team Cordura/Osprey up to 2nd place)

Hello All,

WOW!!!  Team Cordura/Osprey is rocking!!!  It is now almost midnight on Day 2 (over 40 hours into the race) and Team Cordura/Osprey has moved up to 2nd place, and it looks like they have at least a couple mile lead over 3rd place (Team Bones, who finished 3rd last year in PQ Montana) right now.  Not sure what has happened with Salomon/Crested Butte as they were in 2nd place 8 hours ago, but appear to have not left the transition from the last orienteeting leg. Our team continues to make up time on bike legs!!  The leader is still Team OrionHealth (from New Zealand) as they have managed to build a fairly large lead at this point, now having completed the big bike leg and currently trekking towards the massive climbing circus set up by Jay Smith and Dave Medera, of Moab climbing fame.  Jay’s wife, Kitty Calhoun, is one of the volunteers on the climbing section.  Wouldn’t that be cool for our females in the race to show up and see Kitty (who is one of America’s most accomplished female mountaineers) as your “volunteer”. Speaking of volunteers, kudos to ALL the volunteers out there on the course.  We met a great guy, Richard at the check-in who totally remembered Scott and Tom from their amazing PQ Moab experience where they continued just the two of them after their original teammates all dropped out with injuries. Great story!!!

Saw a great photo today of Stacy taping up here feet and she had a huge smile on her face.  Rock on Stacy!!!  Hey Josiah, your Mom rocks!!!!

And if anyone gets a chance to watch the video clip playing on the Leaderboard page, watch it to the end.  Huge call out from a team leaving the start to Osprey Packs, and I did not pay them to say that.  I cannot get over over how overwhelming it was to watch all the teams blast out of the start line yesterday morning and over 50% of the packs were Osprey.  Can’t say I had any expectations, but that sure was rewarding!!! Big kudos to everyone at Osprey!!!!!!

I am off to bed and have a radio interview in the morning to update folks on the race! Sure am glad to be reporting some great news.  Hope the crew keeps it up through the night!!!  At this pace, they should arrive at the daunted rope section sometime during the dark.  WOW.  Sunrise from a tyrolean traverse in the middle of the Needles would be pretty awesome.

Keep smiling all!!!