Primal Quest 2009 – Day 3, AM Update – Osprey Packs Experience
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Primal Quest 2009 – Day 3, AM Update

Hello again!!

Team Cordura/Osprey is still rocking along, currently in 3rd place.  It seems that Salomon/Crested Butte is having some issues with their Spot tracking device, as they have reappeared in 2nd place after over 12 hours being out of touch, which has us now in 3rd place, probably the place we have been all along!!  As of 10:30 this morning, Team OrionHealth (from NZ) continues with healthy lead and have just completed the ropes section.  Salomon/CB is on the ropes and Cordura/Osprey has just arrived at the ropes section.  These three teams appear to have distanced them selves from a cluster of 4 chasing teams at this point.  We went back and forth with Team Bones all night, but it appears they have chosen to take a short break, or………..maybe their GPS is not working right either!!  The top eight teams though have really distanced themselves from the rest of the race, as the 8th place team (Team iMoat) has a 30 mile lead on 9th place.  Sure looks like the winner will come from this cluster of 8, and actually the top three right now have a healthy lead on the other 5 teams in this lead bunch.  Following the ropes section, the teams will continue on a long trekking leg down to the swim and paddle sections, which will take them well towards the east, out in the heart of the Badlands.

We all hope the ropes section is going well.  Should be a blast!

Keep smiling!!!