Primal Quest 2009- Day 4, possible injury? – Osprey Packs Experience
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Primal Quest 2009- Day 4, possible injury?

Hello once again,

Just got hold of a video with some quick snippets from Super Stud Scott Swaney and our master Navigator Tom Zidek.  Turn up the volume on your computer to listen. The first part of Tom’s little ditty is in Swedish as a message to his wife.  But he also mentions that he hopes his leg holds up…………….hmmmm, sure hope he is OK!!!!

After all the confusion of the past several hours and not knowing, it seems that Team Cordura/Osprey may have chosen to take a long break at the lake, to rest and maybe let Tom heal up a bit.  I saw a note that our team had only slept for 2.5 hours through the first four days of the race, so I am sure they were exhausted and took a long break.  Now that they are back under way, it appears they are making up time on the teams in front of them on the river and hopefully can regain some of their lost time as other teams need to rest also.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Keep smiling all!!