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Primal Quest 2009 – update on Team Cordura/Osprey

Hello Again,

I caught this from the PQ site and thought we should pass it along to everyone!  Great story and glad our guys could play ambassador for the great sport of Adventure Racing!!!

Late this afternoon Team Cordura/Osprey Packs withdrew from Primal Quest Badlands presented by SPOT. The team is in good health, and suffered no medical issues, but one of the team members elected to not continue, and they decided to exit the race as a team.

All was not lost however, as the team withdrew at the checkpoint near Redshirt, a Native American reservation which graciously allowed them to use the showers in the locker room of the nearby school. It also happened to be the first day of classes for the returning students, who had the opportunity to chat with team members Kiviok Hight, Tom Zidek, and Scott Swaney, who explained to them about Primal Quest and the sport of adventure racing. Principal Barbara Ice showed the team around and introduced them to the students, who were intrigued by their visitors and all of their strange gear.

After spending some time at the school, the three athletes then toured the community, and met many of the locals. In fact, at one point, there were more than fifty residents from the town who came out to shake hands with the racers and wish them well. They had all been following the race and were excited to get th opportunity to meet some of the competitors in person.

It was a bit of a bittersweet day for the team. While their dreams of finishing Primal Quest came to and end, they did get to meet some very friendly people and serve as ambassdors to the sport they enjoy so much.


Scott, Kiviok and Tom chatting up the students!

I had a chance to chat with Scott last night for a while and they are all disappointed that they could not continue but overall in good spirits and were looking forward to a real meal and a tasty malted beverage or three!  Scott wanted to express to everyone thanks for all the support and they are looking forward to checking out the blog and all the comments.  Second that!  Thanks to all our supporters and also our sponsors for all their support – financial, gear and moral!!

Scott also reports that the special Cordura Osprey Talon packs were Awesome!  He specifically said it was THE best fitting and performing pack he had ever used for a multi-day race.  Fine praise indeed from a veteran of many a race!!  Thanks for the “product testing” guys!!!

For the folks watching the overall standings, quite an interesting turn of events last night, as it appears OrionHealth got quite lost on the final bike leg, and made a navigational error that cost them somewhere near 8 hours, allowing Salomon/Crested Butte and Merrell/Zanfel each to close the gap significantly.  All three teams should finish sometime late this afteroon/evening, so the race is ON!!  Seems S/CB and M/Z are neck and neck for second on the course, however M/Z apparently has some significant penalties that will be imposed at the finish, but with all three teams so close together, the final penalty allotments might prove to alter the standings signigicantly.  Oh, can’t wait to see the final results!!!  Big callout to our fellow team from Colorado (S/CB) and best wishes for speeding into the finish.  Jon, Travis, Jari and Sully have rocked a great race all week!!

And special praise also to the folks on Team South Dakota!!  They are still running strong in their first adventure race.  They are racing in Osprey Exos 46 packs, which they were offering high praise to at the start line.  Hope they still feel as great about their pack selection.  Awesome pack for the race for sure, and saw quite a few at the starting line.  More Talon’s for sure, and even a few Atmos/Aura packs in the race.  Go Dave and crew for Team South Dakota. You folks are awesome!

Cheers to all and keep smiling!