Primal Quest 2009 = Withdrawn – Osprey Packs Experience
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Primal Quest 2009 = Withdrawn

Hello again,

It has been confirmed by PQ staff that Team Cordura/Osprey has indeed withdrawn from the race!  Apparently, Stacy’s feet were peeling off due to severe blisters!!   Too bad we could not make any cool Cordura footwear for the race!!

Here’s wishing Stacy all the best for recovery on her feet!

I have heard so many stories over the years from past Eco-Challenge and PQ participants about the worst part of the whole race is not the lack of sleep, poor eating habits, sunburn, whatever, but that far and away the worst part is the mass carnage that the feet suffer.  Hope everyone is OK!!

UPDATE – Just got off the phone with Stacy, who headed back into Rapid City to take care of her feet.  Apparently she has some nasty blisters that were bleeding into her shoes.  Bummer.  She was able to answer a bunch of our questions though, like why around the lake twice?  Apparently they started off on their first lap at night, and had some big problems finding the checkpoints (I have heard multiple reports that the checkpoints might have been off a bit too, so finding them in the dark could certainly prove problematic).  Anyway, they got quite frustrated and tired and decided to head back to the transition to sleep/rest and headed back out in the daylight, easily locating all the checkpoints and continuing on their merry way!!!  She stated that the river paddle was absolute hell and waaaayyyy longer than anticipated. Tom “injury” is just a really tight IT band that he has been nursing along for several days and certainly felt like he could have continued.

Speaking of Cordura, Stacy reports that the packs were totally awesome.  She said they dropped, dragged, stomped on and just generally completely abused them and the packs did great.  Heck of a testament to the durability of the fabrics and the packs.  Thanks Cordura and Osprey Packs for all the great support.

The guys stayed out on the course, so maybe they are contemplating whether to complete the race unranked………….????  Not sure!!

Keep smiling all and thanks for following along!