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Prototype Testing Osprey Packs

One of the many benefits of our location here in Cortez, Colorado is year-round biking, hiking and backpacking. I can drive an hour and a half to test ski packs in Telluride or drive two hours and find myself in the canyons of southern Utah for a day hike or extended backpacking trip. The weekend before last, Osprey held a product testing trip. Eight sales reps from each region of the US were hosted by our CEO, Sales Director, Product Line Manager and myself.

We headed into the canyons to test out a selection of new prototype packs, current packs and some of our competitors most popular packs. Our reps are a dedicated and experienced group of people and some of our toughest critics when it comes to gear. After some long days on trail they came out with giant smiles on their faces. Osprey’s legacy of quality lightweight, comfortable packs holds us to a standard above all others. The feedback we get from testing trips like these, and many others during the product development process ensure we bring the best packs to market. The hard work surrounding every detail of our packs is always worth it when we see our packs on trail, being used, abused and thoroughly enjoyed.

Enjoy the pictures we took during the trip!

Editor’s Note: Chris Horton is the Assistant Product Line Manager at Osprey Packs.