Race Update: Overcoming Challenges at Paris-Brest-Paris – Osprey Packs Experience
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Race Update: Overcoming Challenges at Paris-Brest-Paris

via Michael Henderson in Paris:

[The race] turned into an epic, which I shall detail in the next day or two.  It started perfectly with the first day going as planned.  What was not in the plan was getting no sleep the first night and catching cold at the same time… I thought I had recovered on the morning of day 3.  That was not the case, it caught back up to me that evening.  I stayed an extra unplanned night at the last control point before riding in [yesterday] morning in 78 hours and some change.

I’m a little upset at not riding the fastest I could, but I’m very excited to have finished despite the obstacles.  Finding ways to overcome the problems along the way is what randonneuring is all about, and I did that in spades.  Hope to have some time to begin recounting the details tomorrow…

Congratulations Michael!

Michael Henderson is the CFO at Osprey Packs HQ in Cortez, Colorado. Stay tuned… we’ll be posting updates from his race and recap when he comes home!