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Re-booting With Mountainfilm on Tour in Rapid City

Mountainfilm Tour 2011 Elks Theater, April 1-2

By: Markus Jobman, Osprey Adventure Envoy Team

Once in a while you need to step back, pause and re-boot. Look at the world around you and the everyday life that each of us lives. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness. We get busy with careers, friends, obligations and adventures — and sometimes we forget to just stop and see what is going on and really enjoy what is around us.

This past weekend we took a break. We attended Mountainfilm on Tour. It is a celebration of what is around us: life, adventure, nature, mountains and the thrill of enjoying it. We attended the tour in our home town of Rapid City. For the third year in a row, Mountainfilm’s tour event acted as a fundraiser for the Rapid City Urban Orchard Project, an organization that works with the Department of Parks and Recreation to plant apple trees in green spaces throughout the city and organizes volunteers to care for them after they are planted.


Mountainfilm on Tour features a selection of outdoor and adventure films from the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, which began more than 30 years ago in Telluride, Colorado. The films also emphasize themes of social and ecological awareness.

Mountainfilm on Tour inspires us – it informs us; it challenges us; it makes us laugh; it even makes us cry; it makes us mad as hell and, above all, it shows us the power of film to change the world.” — Mountainfilm

The 13 films shown during this year’s tour, were moving pictures displaying great people doing amazing things. It never matters if we are in Telluride or Rapid City; seeing these inspiring films will always re-boot us to get out and really understand where we are in the world and why we go out and adventure.

Many of the most inspiring adventure films have made a debut at Mountainfilm. In the most recent years the films that have inspired us the most have been; 180 South, Along on the wall, As It Happens, Brothers Wild, The Cove, Eastern Rises, and so many others.

At this weekend’s tour in Rapid City some great films were shown and our favorites were; As It Happens, Khumbu Climbing Class, Eastern Rises and the Edge of Never. All great films that gave us inspiration for adventure, and bettering the world. The most moving and touching film of the weekend was a new film for us — Music by Prudence. We had heard many great things about this film and it definitely lived up to all of them. It is impossible to sit through this film and not feel human. Feel the humility, humbleness and the drive to become a better person.


Throughout the years we have had the benefit of meeting many of the people that create or are featured in the films. We are lucky enough to have some of these people inspire us both on the screen and in life.

The Mountainfilm tour in Rapid City attracted filmmakers, photographers, conservationists, mountaineers and explorers from around the Black Hills. All brought into a common place to get inspired.

As we walk into the theater at the festival we look around and see people from all walks of life, all looking to be inspired or to find their own re-boot. As we walk away, we all walk away with a different position and motivation of what we can each do in our daily lives to change the world; to make it the best place for us and for future generations.

There is nothing better then getting together with a bunch of like minded mountaineers, adventurers and outdoor gurus to enjoy a few films about what we love.

Mountainfilm reminds us of the force of filmmaking, about things that matter, worlds worth exploring and conversations worth sustaining.” — Ken Burns

The 2011 Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride is just around the corner. Book your place at the Event Now. Visit for more info.