New River Rendezvous and Rapture – Osprey Packs Experience
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New River Rendezvous and Rapture

A year ago Osprey asked me, “You doing the Rendezvous this year?”

My response: “There is absolutely nothing I want to do in West Virgina.”

So against my will, I packed up and headed North… or West. Whatever direction it is, it’s a long way from Jacksonville, Florida. Fast forward a year and there I was, round two. I figured my first Rendezvous was amazing, so #9 has to be better right? Once again, I wasn’t disappointed and though its fresh on the mind, it seems another Rendezvous has come and gone.

And to think, despite the uncharacteristically sun-filled skies, the cloud of Rapture almost ruined the show. If you’ve never heard of the Rendezvous, thumbed over it in a climbing mag, or had it on your bucket list for years, get out the calender and mark the dates now! Rarely does one find a place where the quality of the rock is outdone by the quality of the people. Maura, Kenny, and all the folks at Waterstone Outdoors deserve a huge thank you for their efforts. Can you imagine trying to provide dinner and breakfast to a thousand climbers? All the while holding comps, clinics, crash pad sumo, run & chug trail races, demos and late night dancing that can only be described as the Jersey Shore meets West Virginia.

Like always, I’m glad to be home but kind of miss the camping, climbing, music and good people from Fayetteville, WV and beyond. I probably won’t make it back to West Virginia before next year but I’m certainly looking forward to the 10th Edition of the Rendezvous. If its anything like the 9th, I might just stay awhile.

Side note: The only downside to the weekend was the theft of samples and demos from several of the vendors on the final evening of the event. La Sportiva, Evolve and Trango all had product stolen from their booths sometime Saturday night.

Remember this: The world is a big place but the climbing community is small. Karma is a bitch… especially on your next lead fall.