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Results not yet final

Several days have passed since Team Osprey Packs blasted across the finish line first, however there have been multiple protests and appeals filed in regard to possible penalties to multiple teams that have held up the posting of final results for the AR National Championships held over the weekend in Moab.
Will Newcomer, of Gravity Play Sports (the hosts of the Adventure Xstream series), set an amazing course, truly worthy of a national championship race. The rules however left open for interpretation as to how exactly to fun through this great course set amongst the red rock land of Moab, and now the race organizers are contemplating how exactly to figure out the different race strategies and whether any definitive advantages were had. Should take a couple of days still for the FINAL results to be posted. Stay tuned!!!!
Once again, big huge congrats to Scott, Travis, JB and Gretchen for a stellar race!!