Saving our Snow? – Osprey Packs Experience
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Saving our Snow?

While I have worked half my life on cost-saving measures to reduce our carbon footprints and save energy, I created the Save Our Snow Foundation in 2006 ( to take the message to the US and worldwide. I was actually skiing in Crested Butte, when the beautiful sunny day and glistening peaks inspired an epiphanous moment.

In a strange way, my personal attempts to make a difference in my own life, have turned into a template for what is cost-effective, easy to implement, and also actually effective at reducing energy use. Some things have worked, such as growing my own food at 9,000 feet, and other have failed such as my solar-electric PHEV SUV, but all have taught me valuable lessons.

My journey has moved away from science lately, into non-controversial items such as job security, deficit reduction, and energy independence. While I have seen glaciers disappear around the world and snow storms becoming more erratic, I don’t really care about convincing folks about the realities of climate change anymore. Why bother? We have such a short time to make such radical changes, so my latest approach is to work with severe skeptics on action items that save money, so we can actually move forward.

My next big push will be the US Senate in April. I’ll be pitching the concept that a 30% reduction can save us energy and save us money. I’ll not be toting my KODE around, or my skis this time, but trying to look more fashionable. I’ll be biking to DC for Earthday, via a trail building day in Pittsburgh. Any Osprey fans out there who want to lend a hand to help save our snow for our children?