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Seven Weeks, Seven New Episodes of On The Road With SOLITAIRE

The guys behind the beauty at Sweetgrass Productions have done it again; On The Road with SOLITAIRE is an emmy-nominated twelve-part series that delves into the details of two long years skiing the Andes, filming the incredible Western-inspired, beautifully-filmed SOLITAIRE and making friends (and enemies) along the way.

Over the next seven weeks, we’ll bring you a new On The Road With SOLITAIRE episode every seven days. Every Thursday, look on the Osprey Facebook Page and Osprey Twitter stream to find a brand-new, never before seen episode of On The Road With SOLITAIRE and — as is the case with all Sweetgrass films big and small — prepare to be awed.

On The Road With Solitaire provides unique insight into what it took to film SOLITAIRE, including the people, places, woes, foibles and beauty of it all. Check out this week’s Episode VI: End of the Line, which takes place in the badlands of Bolivia when the team is prepping to climb volcanoes and hop trains.

As with the Sweetgrass guys’ adventures, you never know quite what to expect. In this episode, that means tossing “the story boards out the window,” encountering some llama fetus’ and entering into the territory of black market electronics and enduring emergency dental work on a bizarre and fast-acting dental infection. Osprey athlete Kim Havell even makes an appearance. Amid the madness, though, the team finds beauty and near perfection on the spine of the Andes. We mean it when we say all of it’s worth the watch.