Ski The Himalayas Season 3: Episode 1 – Osprey Packs Experience
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Ski The Himalayas Season 3: Episode 1

This week was pretty awesome. Snow is falling and the trees still bear the last colors of summer. Jon Miller and I found ourselves atop a crag in the desert and it was nothing short of Alpine conditions. It’s a big reason to live in Telluride, Colorado, being able to leave town on a questionable day and reach sunny desert sandstone.  Sometimes, the weather is a little more widespread than we think and we jammed our hands into splitter cracks while rain pelted down and wind made it impossible to hear… all this on a 40 foot, 5.10a route before the rain really set in. Oh boy, it’s no wonder the Himalayan slopes have never felt like much of a jump from here, it’s a wild country and no matter what you want to do, something is always “in”.

Please enjoy Ski The Himalayas Season 3 premiere episode and follow along with us this winter as we prepare for a spicy Himalyan ski traverse in spring.

Ben Clark and Jon Miller return to the Himalayas for a new year and a new expedition. Ski The Himalayas Season 3, Episode 1 finds the duo back in Kathmandu with a new team as well as some familiar faces. Miller and Clark share the adventure as the pair view the expedition footage often sharing a story “not for air”.