Skiing Summit to Sea in Iceland – Osprey Packs Experience
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Skiing Summit to Sea in Iceland

I think I see Greeland

I’m here at Klængshóll Lodge in Iceland with photographer Grant Gunderson for 2 weeks of ski touring and we’re skiing some big peaks with with the help of Artic Heli Skiing. The snow is great and the evening light is amazing. The mountains here are much larger and rugged than we expected, and the geography of this place makes for a color skiers only dream of — with vertical folds in nearly every peak. Add the maritime snowpack, which bonds to the rock, and and we’ve got a perfect canvas for skiers to paint.

While we’re here for the skiing, it’s hard not to be swept away by Iceland itself. The landscape is ultraWhale a day keep the Dr away ruggedand has massive stretches completely void of humanity. For what Iceland lacks in people it makes up for in hot springs. Thermal pools are everywhere and they are the ultimate way to end a long day. And one experience I’ll never forget is the food. The Icelandic cuisine is unique but quite good. My plate has seen Minke Whale, horse, lamb, salmon, cod and plenty of reindeer. I never thought I’d be excited to dive into a whale steak, but as they say, “When in Rome”.

But like I said, we’re here for the turns. I love ski touring as “earned turns” are the best, but a A-star heli in the front yard and unlimited first descents doesn’t suck! And skiing in Iceland is pretty incredible. Nothing beats skiing to the waters edge.My own sherpa