Summer in Durango – Osprey Packs Experience
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Summer in Durango

The Osprey Brand Team, a group of 10 ambassadors reporting from the field at consumer outdoor events across the country as well as reporting on adventures in their own neck of the woods, checks in with Durango, Colorado resident Bill Grasse. Bill’s had an exciting summer and explains his ethos behind “working to live”…

Working in a people job, I’ve been hearing the same thing over and over again lately: “It’s September! Where has the summer gone?” People everywhere seem to be entering into an end of summer panic. I constantly hear story after story of how they have been too busy working and haven’t been able to get out.

So after a while, these stories caused me to reflect on the summer I have had so far and well, I must say that I’m feeling pretty good. I too have been working a ton but some of that work has been doing things like hiking into a beautiful basin and climbing an incredible peak, or recently climbing at Indian Creek with a client. Now true, I have spent my share of hours doing things like hucking around bats of insulation and sanding a house but those and all of my jobs, are there to make living this Durango dream possible.

I work to live not live to work. This is a priority that I have set for myself and with time I have built a life to match. This summer has been an amazing summer. I have been playing all over from climbing for the weekend in the Black Canyon and Grand Junction, to new peaks in the Wiminuche wilderness, to Wednesday night volleyball with friends, and taking family to Garden of the Gods for some cragging.

I know that for most people, making a living is a little more involved than for me but I hope that those that may feel that their summer has been lacking can read this and change their priorities for a little while. Do what it takes to get out and enjoy this life because it’s the only one you have.

For more information, please see Bill’s bio page here.