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Take Action: 88bikes Launches Project Asha

Among the many organizations Pedaling Change in our world, 88bikes is one of our favorites. The organization, founded in 2006, operates to attain one goal: “To provide a sustainable, joyful empowering form of transportation to young people in developing countries, in situations where these children have been challenged to be their own heroes due to war, conflict, poverty, disease, or other regional hardships.”

88bikes has personally — done in-person by the founders — delivered over two thousand bikes to thousands of children around the globe, and continues to do so. The organization’s recently launched project, called Project Asha, will take place this summer, and will see to it that several hundred bikes make their way to girls who have been victims of human trafficking.

From the 88Bikes site:

“The bicycle helps me feel equal to men,” said several girls living at a remote ashram in Bihar, India. These girls are survivors of sexual slavery. They are sheltered by our partner NGO Free the Slaves for several months before reintegrating back into their communities. One girl, “Asha,” was sold into slavery by a neighbor in her village, escaped after a week, then found her way to the Bihar Ashram to recover. After six months in the ashram she reintegrated back into the same community from which she was sold, a striking example of courage and resiliency.”

Interested in donating to the project? You can go here to directly contribute to 88bikes and its current project. Bike contributions are $88, all of which will be used to purchase a bike for a child. Upon donating, your name will be added to the website, and 88bikes will ask that you provide a photo of yourself, which will be given to the child who receives your bike. In turn, you’ll get a photo sent to you of the child and the bike they received from you. How ridiculously awesome is that?

PHOTO Via: 88bikes

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