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Take Action: Help Save the Colorado River Delta

© Pete McBride, Chasing Water

The Colorado River. The American Nile. Anyone who has ever rafted the Grand Canyon knows how immense, powerful and beautiful this river is. It’s power and size make it hard to believe that today, the Colorado River no longer reaches the sea because of upstream diversions and dams.

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Yesterday, our friends over at Patagonia posted about writer Jon Waterman‘s quest to protect this river and everything that depends upon it.

via The Cleanest Line:

In June 2008, as I began paddling the 1,450-mile long Colorado River, the knowledge that the river had not reached the sea for a decade outraged me. And it wasn’t just because paddling the last 90 miles would be a challenge. It is outrageous because we have shunted our most iconic western river to the greatest desert estuary in North America and not only has this been swept under the rug by our Bureau of Reclamation, but people I met everywhere along my journey from the Rockies toward the Sea of Cortez were largely unaware that the river had run dry.

More than a few times I quoted the Ecclesiastes verse: “All rivers run into the sea,” thinking that this would help move people, make them understand that by God or Nature or the Whimsical Ways of the Planet that mountains should always touch the clouds, oceans lap the shore, birds fly the skies, and rivers hit the sea. And when these things stop happening, that’s when we need to take action and “give a shit.”…

So this is a call to action to save the Colorado River Delta. By signing letters to the commissioners of IBWC and to Interior Secretary Salazar (who oversees the inept Bureau of Reclamation) at the Sonoran Institute website, we have an opportunity to affect change, to show the dam(n) managers that we do in fact give a shit. And someday soon, the next generation of paddlers will have the opportunity, like the river, to run to the sea.

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Watch the trailer for Pete McBride’s film Chasing Water about following the Colorado River, source to sea to focus his cameras on the “American Nile” and what becomes of the river’s most precious resource — water — as it supports 30 million people in the West.


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