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Take Action: Tell President Obama to Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline

It’s now into the fifth day of peaceful protest outside of the White House, where a diverse group of concerned Americans are gathering to send the Obama administration a simple message: Do not approve the Keystone XL, a 1,700 mile pipeline that would inextricably link the nation’s energy future to Canada’s tar sands — the dirtiest fuel source known to man. So far, more than 200 people have been arrested in the protests, including well-known author and climate advocate Bill McKibben.

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via The Cleanest Line:

The protests are being organized by TarSandsAction.org will continue over the next two weeks. But the President needs to hear from every person on the planet who’s concerned about a dangerous and destructive project that would pump over one million barrels of dirty “tar sands” oil from Canada to the USA … every day. Here’s how you can help:

1. MOTake_action_largeST URGENT: Sign the petition at 350.org telling President Obama to reject the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline. The pipeline cannot be built without a “presidential permit” from the Obama Administration. 350.org are hoping to add as many names as possible before they deliver it to White House officials on September 3rd.

2. Send in a solidarity message or photo to the people taking action at the White House.

3. Take part in Moving Planet – a worldwide climate rally on September 24 – and move beyond all fossil fuels in the loudest, most beautiful way possible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline project, continue reading for a list of background links and a video highlighting the first day of sit-ins at the White House.

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