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Take the Bigfoot Challenge: Leave No Trace


Does Bigfoot exist? And if he does exist, why do we never see signs of that big, hairy fella in the woods? Well, truth is: he’s a master at the Leave No Trace ethics.

So, when you’re out on the trail this summer, take a tip from Bigfoot…

From Leave No Trace:

The elusive Bigfoot leaves no trace of his passing through the wild. Bigfoot’s back and wants you to take his challenge. From teaching a kid the importance of not feeding wildlife to picking up trash on the trail, Bigfoot is asking you to complete and report a single Leave No Trace challenge from the list below.

It’s easy. Just choose from the challenges below which rotate every month and you’ll have the opportunity to win great outdoor gear prizes every time you participate. Double your chances of winning by capturing your Bigfoot Challenge in a photo or story and sending it to: Bigfoot@LNT.org.

The Bigfoot Challenge’s goal is to encourage simple acts of environmental activism and teach Leave No Trace principles. By taking the challenge, you are not only joining a nationwide conservation movement, you are also Leaving No Trace where it matters most — the places you play. Leave No Trace, Bigfoot’s been doing it for years!

My Bigfoot Challenge

Please get involved by volunteering to do one of the following:

  1. Bring an extra bag on your next outing and pick up any trash you find on the trail.
  2. Participate in our PEAK and Teen Activity Submission Contest. For more details click here.
  3. Read Leave No Trace’s frontcountry principles and commit to them this summer.
  • On your next mountain bike ride, yield to hikers, horses, and mountain bikes going uphill. Step to the downhill side if possible.